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Tensioning Monotec Fabrics
Due to the unique construction using 100% round monofilament yarn, Monotec 370 is stronger than other shade cloth types. This means that Monotec 370 has a greater resistance to high winds and has increased stability. Monotec 370 has been developed as an “install and forget” shade cloth.

Due to the positive memory in the round monofilament yarn, when installed correctly, there will be no need for installers to return to re-tension the fabric. This ensures that there are minimal ongoing costs to owners long after installation has been completed.

Most council parks are accessible at all hours of the day and night. The risk of vandalism and its associated costs should be considered. Monotec 370 is far more resistant to vandalism than other shade cloths. The close knit of Monotec 370 construction makes it difficult for vandals to push damaging objects such as sticks and screwdrivers through the fabric. If by chance an object does penetrate the fabric, it will be almost impossible for vandals to tear the cloth. The 100% round monofilament yarns will not tear along tape lines as other products do.
Strength Of Round Monofilament
The major strength in any shade cloth comes from the round monofilament yarns. Simply, round monofilament is vital to the strength and stability of any fabric. Monotec 370 Series shade cloth has 100% round monofilament in its construction which means that it is stronger and more stable than any shade cloth made using tape or oval yarns on the market today.

While many shade fabrics are sold on their UV ratings, indirect UVR must also be taken into account. Indirect UVR is reflected off surface materials such as water, concrete, grass and sand. UVR will come from any direction. For this reason UV ratings should not be the only prerequisite when selecting a shade fabric. (AS4174 – 2018)

UPF readings are used for personal apparel (such as hats, sunglasses and Wet shirts) which are worn in close proximity to the skin. UPF does not cover fabrics such as shade cloth which offer protection at a distance from the skin. As such UPF readings are not relevant to umbrellas and shade structures. (ASNZ 4399).

Monotec Advantages

Monotec 100% Australian Owned

100% Australian Owned

Manufactured in Brisbane QLD, utilising the latest in knitting technology.
Monotec 15 Year Warranty

15 Year Warranty

The industry’s leading 15 Year Manufacturer’s warranty.
Monotec Internationally Recognised

Internationally Recognised

Utilised in multiple award winning projects in Australia & around the world.
Monotec Features And Benefits

Monotec 370 Applications

Monotec 370 is the only Australian made shade cloth in the market today and is great for:

  • Shade Structures
  • Shade Sails
  • Children’s Playground Areas
  • School Outdoor Lunch Areas
  • Athletic Field Event Areas
  • Swimming Pool Canopies
  • Outdoor Recreation Areas
  • Car Parks/Car Ports